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Lino Printing

Mark AKA Lino Lord

August 5, 2023

1.30pm - 5.30pm


About the Course


Learn the beautiful process of carving and printing lino prints in an afternoon with Mark. He will guide you through the materials required, you can try different types of lino and vinyl to carve, learn how to mix inks and press prints from using a wooden spoon, a baren and even trying out one or two of Mark's presses. You will have the option of printing onto paper or creating a greeting card design.

All tools and material will be provided and Mark will be on hand to guide you at every part of the process. Lino carving tools are sharp so please be careful when carving and always carve away from your hands.

How to Book


Your Instructor

Mark AKA Lino Lord

Mark AKA Lino Lord

Mark has been a professional photographer for 23 years and discovered lino printing in 2019 after photographing many creatives and longing to find a traditional craft he could turn his hands to.

Mark's work combines his love for the coast and countryside with some retro chic thrown into the mix. His work can best be described as nostalgic; from his memories of growing up by the sea in Cornwall to the things he loves in life from music, coffee, bicycles and photography.
“My photography always returned to the idea of a good life: the artisans who still make and work in a natural, hands-on way. Fishermen, bakers, makers: I wanted to claim that analogue life for myself, and traditional printmaking offered me the opportunity.” – Mark Lord

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