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Lino Lord


Founded in 2019 by Mark Lord, a professional photographer whose 22-year career behind the camera led to a passion for capturing the essence of the natural world and the iconic character of fascinating, retro-chic objects.

Lino Lord's prints and products lean into the rich history of craft from Cornwall, embracing timeless techniques to capture fascinating natural and iconic imagery. From the naive folk art of rural England to the St Ives school of artists, retro-chic contemporary objects, and simple Scandinavian design, Lino Lord’s work embodies a natural, distinctive style.

“My photography always returned to the idea of a good life: the artisans who still make and work in a natural, hands-on way. Fishermen, bakers, makers: I wanted to claim that analogue life for myself, and traditional printmaking offered me the opportunity.” – Mark Lord

Yattendon Winter Market 2023

Lino Lord
Lino Lord
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